Working paper: "The Future of City Business Hotels in Switzerland"

The writing of an intermediary report is in progress and therefore subject to change. The latest version of the report can be consulted here.

Conference (October 12, 2021, Zoom): "L’avenir des hôtels urbains"

Cycle de conférences ITO-UNIL 2021 - Tourisme en transition : vers un changement de paradigme ? Emmanuel Fragnière & Roland Schegg. Presentation is here

Study report: "Impact de la pandémie sur l'hôtellerie urbaine en Suisse romande et stratégies de relance"

A first survey regarding the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on business city hotels in western Switzerland was carried out during the months of march/april 2021. The survey also addressed strategies that hoteliers implemented or would be willing to implement in order to lower the negative effects of the drop in international business travel and how to best compensate that loss.

The results of the survey (in French) can be downloaded through this LINK

Press release: Urban hotels in French-speaking Switzerland must reorient their business model to cope with the crisis. Launch of an ideas competition!

A survey of 82 city hotels in French-speaking Switzerland has highlighted the need to reorient their business model to cope with the crisis and revive their activities. Faced with this unprecedented situation, a competition for ideas was launched among students and professionals in the sector. Through an Innotour project entitled "The future of Swiss business hotels in an urban environment", the objective is to generate a common vision of the future of the urban hotel industry and to accompany hoteliers in the transition of their establishment. -> press release as PDF (in French)