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Generating & implementing effective strategies for the future of the hotel industry

The pandemic of covid-19 has impacted business tourism on a level nobody could have ever foreseen. International and national restrictions have left the hotel industry at a dead end, with a unique choice to ensure the survival of city hotels: redefining their business models.


While many hotels had already started their digital revolution and were thinking of innovative business strategies, the covid-19 has turned this will to change into a real must for the sector.  Moreover, the restrictions are far from being over, and the true economical impacts of the pandemic have yet to be made tangible.


International network airlines remain largely grounded and activities of the MICE segment are currently minimal or inexistant. Consequently, finding creative and innovative strategies have become the most important objective of city hotels.

Our project deals primarily with hotels located in swiss cities, even though its outcomes will surely benefit hotels in other urban areas. The project is supported by Innotour, the incentive instrument of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), the Service for the Promotion of the Economy and Innovation of the State of Vaud and Hotela.

Project Participants








          Alain Becker                                      Jean-Jacques Gauer                                                                              Adrien Genier

         ARH - Director                                          ARH - President                                                                           CEO - Geneva Tourism











    Alessandro Inversini                                                                  Roland Schegg                                                    Emmanuel Fragnière

    ICEM (EHL) - Director                                                       Prof. & ITO scientific coordinator                    Prof. of  Service Design and Innovation



And the following hotels:

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